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The White House

UPDATED - 21 May 2018 - had a quick google to see if there was any news/photos on the progress with the refurbishment of the White House.  I found photos on Flickr taken by Worcestershire UK - see here 

01 March 2018 - see comments posted by - Anonymous19 February 2018 at 18:51 - Permission Granted for refurbishment and redevelopment.

See planning details here

There is, what must have once been, a wonderful house called The White House which stands proudly over looking Barricane Cove in Woolacombe.

It is, now, in a very sorry state. (pictures taken 10 April 2015).

I had to Google it to try and find out who owned it and why it had been left in such a state.  There were a few pictures that had been posted to the internet by other people showing the house in a better state of repair and if the dates of the photos are correct the house has deteriorated considerably in the past 12 months.

I couldn't find any details on the internet of the house having been sold in 'recent' years.  I know if I Google my own postcode and go into Zoopla I can see house sales going back to 1996.  But looking on my phone I couldn't find any sales details for The White House.  I have just checked Zoopla again for The White House, The Esplanade, Woolacombe and it lists all the properties sold in the The Esplanade, Woolacombe EX34 7DJ and the list goes back to 1995 but nothing for The White House.

I decide, at the time, to search the name in newspaper articles and since I have a current subscription to Find My Past I started there first.  This is what I found.

Situations Vacant

WORKING Housekeeper wanted by 2 ladies, labour-saving house on 'bus route. N. Devon coast; Aga cooker; comfortable home offered; good references required. Mother and child not objected to - Apply, Colville, White House, Woolacombe. 4618 

Situations Vacant

COMF. HOME, with salary, offered to run small lab.-svg. house, on 'bus route; 2 in family; would suit 2 friends or mother and child.—Write Miss Bury, The White House. Woolacombe, N. Devon

Situations Vacant

COMFORTABLE HOME with salary offered to run small labour-saving house, on 'bus route; 2 in family. Would suit two friends or mother and child. —Write, Bury The White House, Woolacombe, N Devon. 5623 

Situations Vacant

COMF. HOME, with salary, offered to run small lab.-svg. house, on 'bus route; 2 in family; would suit friends or mother and child.—Write Miss Bury. The White House. Woolacombe. N. Devon

Situations Vacant

COMF. HOME, with salary, offered to run small lab.-svg. house 'bus route; 2 in family; /would suit 2 friends or mother and child.—Write Miss Bury. The White House. Woolacombe. N. Devon


The Merchant Navy Comforts Service has received a donation of £3 2s. 6d., sent by Miss V. M. Bury, The White House, Woolacombe. The money was realised by the sale of seaweed, which was gathered by a band of willing workers (W.V.S.) organised by Miss Bury to be used in the cultivation of penicillin.

Situations Vacant

COMF. HOME, with salary, offered to run lab.-svg. house on 'bus route; 2 , in family; would suit 2 friends or mother and child of school age.—Write Miss Bury. The White House. Woolacombe. N. Devon

N.F.S. Activities

The N.F.S. has been called to the following chimney fires:...

24th, White House, Woolacombe (Section- Leader Butler)


1937 ROVER, 14h.p.; 1 owner; immaculate condn.; 7 tyres (3 new). Nearest offer £450. Taking delivery post-war car.—Miss Bury, The White House, Woolacombe.

Assertion at Mortehoe Parish Council

Grass and Weeds

The council received a letter from Miss Berry, of The White House, Woolacombe, complaining that grass and weeds were growing along the front and on the council's property. It stated that this presented a danger to adjacent gardens, because the seeds might be blown over, and also to children, because glass might become concealed in the grass.

The chairman (Mr. C. G. Yeo) said he had received an offer from a local firm to cut the grass for £3. and it was decided that his should be accepted.

"Whoever accepted the gift of the recreation ground for the parish council accepted a liability." commented the Rev. G. A. Carter. The council were not allowed to build on their land, he said, nor could they be permitted to fence it. The land should have been handed back at the time, but he feared it was now too late.

Mr. P.A. Johnston replied that he would like to see the council own a lot more land on the front. He asked if information about the probability of other land becoming available for purchase could be obtained.

14 July 1949 - North Devon Journal - Barnstaple, Devon, England

If you search for Miss V. M. Bury on Find My Past it brings up 23 articles with various mentions of Woolcombe, Westerham, District Girl Guides Commissioner and plenty about bird migration. I can imagine her on the balcony of The White House looking for the birds. In fact one of the articles I have just found says:


While on the subject of migration, I must mention a very interesting note sent to me by Miss V. M. Bury, of Woolacombe. Her garden is on the edge of the cliffs, and on October 12 a party of about a dozen long-tailed tits flew in from the sea and passed inland up the valley.  The previous day a westerly gale had been blowing.  Whence had these birds come?

I wondered whether they had arrived from Lundy Island, but on looking up the various published lists of birds which have occurred there I can find only one mention on this species.  On the two visits, each lasting some days, which I have paid to the island, I did not see it.  Or they may have come from Wales, using Lundy as a stepping stone.
Miss Bury also tells me that on October 26 she saw a a party of tits tumbling about high up in the air as rooks do.  I do not remember seeing long-tailed behave in this way, and I think it is unusual.  But they must have had a tempestuous passage from Lundy - or Wales.

Miss Bury also saw a cock snow-bunting at Mortehoe on November 6.  It flew along the road, settling several times twenty yards in front of her.  There had been a gale 24 hours earlier.  Snow-buntings are usually very tame.  I have in years past often watched them picking up grit on the road to the Cat and Fiddle Inn, near Buxton, and they seemed quite indifferent to my presence....

When Google searching for Miss V M Bury, The White House, Woolacombe it comes up with a few references to the List of Members for Lundy and in the 1947 list she is shown as Miss Violet M. Bury, The White House, Woolacombe.  The same list mentions - Hon. Margaret Colville, J.P., The White House, Woolacombe.  Which I assume is the Colville mentioned in the first article.  And makes up the 2nd person mentioned in the situations vacant advertisements.

If you Google "Hon. Margaret Colville" it brings up numerous references.  According to a variety of websites the Hon. Margaret Colville was born in 1886. She died on 30 April 1975. Her brother was the Hon. John Gilbert Colville and he had a house around the corner from her in Woolacombe.

I did do loads more research but typically I went off researching on my phone and a month later I try and write it up...

Updated - 29 November 2015

Thanks to people's comments (see below) we now know the owner has died and the house is up for sale.  

Savills - 14th December 2015 - Sales details - including a photo from behind. The house is a lot bigger than it looks from the front. It says withdrawn prior - does that mean it's no longer for sale?

Updated - 27 January 2016

If anyone has any Cole's in their family tree I suggest they check of the link.

UPDATED - 17 February 2016

See comment below from Jeannette McCrudden17 February 2016 at 19:04
We spotted the White House in January whilst on holiday. The agent informed us the guide price was £750k at auction which was yesterday. It sold one million, two hundred and eighty thousand, let's hope they don't demolish this once stunning property

UPDATED - 21 February 2016

Planning Applications for the same postcode as the White House

UPDATED - 9 August 2016

In reply to comments from Anonymous 26 June 2016 at 08:44 and Anonymous 29 July 2016 at 15:19

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving memories of the people that actually lived in the house. It's so brilliant. I am guessing the man would have been Jeremy Cole. I tried to google him but nothing concrete came up. And could the 'old girl' have been Miss Violet M Bury?  We need a local historian to gather the memories of the people of the town and get them published so they aren't lost forever.  Thank you again for sharing.

Having to post here as it keeps producing an error message when I try to post the reply next to the comments.

In reply to comments from kes1 August 2016 at 21:49 and Abi - 6 August 2016 at 20:05
Thank you both for stopping by and leaving comments. Yes, I am really hoping the community is keeping an eye on the property.  Thanks Abi for the most recent update regarding the condition of the house.  I must admit I am rather worried now.   Imagine in February (almost 6 months ago) you spend £1.2 million on a house that is in need of desperate repair and you haven't done anything about it in 6 months!!!!!  I hope I am wrong and they aren't leaving it until it is declared unsafe and their only 'option' is to pull it down.  I have seen it happen to a house by us.  The house was perfectly fine but had been left (although I think someone had taken some tiles off the roof at the back as it felt into disrepair so quickly) and now suddenly there are plans for a completely new house to be built.

In my opinion the white house a really unique house in an amazing location and it should be preserved.

Looking at a similar story in the local newspaper even if we got an appreciation group together I bet we wouldn't stand much chance.  This planning application attracted 37 objections and was still approved. 

UPDATED - 20 August 2016

Please see Iain's comments below.

Here is a picture taken in c1935 which shows The White House in the background.  Note how tall the chimney is!

The people in the picture are
Caroline Norman (nee Huxtable) - Iain's great grandmother
Reg Ridd - her son-in-law, husband of her daughter Winnifred Lilian, who was a younger sister of Iain's grandmother Frances Mabel Norman.

We have two copies of the photo where the colour has been added.

If you want to quickly 'colorize' a black and white photo - see Dick Eastman's EOGN

UPDATED - 26 August 2016

Looks like the slate wall at the White House is listed - see here

UPDATED - 26 September 2016

Thank you so much to the following people:

@SusieJay03 on Twitter (
and the following who have left comments recently on the blog-
Ant22 September 2016 at 17:15
Ant22 September 2016 at 18:22
jon scrase25 September 2016 at 18:30
Anonymous25 September 2016 at 19:51

We now know that the White House is back on the market for £1.6 million!!! (It sold for £1.28m in February).

And it does look like it is for development rather than refurbishment given that most of the pictures seem to be selling the view rather than the house. :-(

UPDATED - 5 October 2016

Thanks to the heads up from Pat - 5 October 2016 at 07:16 - in the comments - Internal pictures have now been added to rightmove -
Finally we get to see inside. :-)

UPDATED - 3 January 2017

Latest update from Lisa and Iain (see comments below). A fire on New Year's Day and a health warning about Weils disease.  See the following reports.

Plymouth Herald

UPDATED - 8 February 2017

Missed a message from Pat on 9 January 2017 at 15:05
It appears the white house is under offer again. Does anyone have any details? Dare we still hope it won't be a developer. 

UPDATED - 23 June 2017

Why this dilapidated building just sold for £1.5m - the most expensive house sold in Devon in March - Devon Live article dated 10 May 2017


  1. Thanks for the interesting pieces on the White House. I live in Bristol and have been visiting Woolly for many years and have always been fascinated by the house at the top of Barricane. It certainly has deteriorated greatly over the last year. I wonder what will happen next? There must be someone willing to buy which makes me think there is someone unwilling to sell?
    Sarah Buckland, Bristol.

  2. Hi Sarah
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a message. :-) You got me searching Google again and I found a Twitter conversation about it. I have just replied to them to say thanks. Apparently the owner is in an old person's home :-(

    See here -

  3. The owner of The White House died in April ( having been in a care home for about a year ) The house is for sale by auction with Savils London on December 24th

  4. Hi - loved reading your excellent finds! Checked with Savills this morning - they gave me an auction date of December 14th,
    I edit the parish magazine for Woolacombe and Mortehoe - could I use some of the information here in the December issue please? I know people would find it interesting. Obviously I'll give you as my source.

    The Colville family have a stained glass window in St. Sabinus' Church in Woolacombe. Lord and Lady Colville and their family lived at Worlingham Hall near Beccles in Suffolk. My mother, Mrs Bartlett, used to teach one of the boys at the local primary school - this must have been in the 1970s. The Hall has since been sold, out of the family.

    I publish local books under the name of 'Barricane Books' - I love the beach and its shells.
    If anyone has any more information about the White House please contact me on - thanks.

  5. Hello 'Barricane Books'

    Thank you so much for stopping by, for your kind comments and for the additional information re the auction and the Colville family.

    You are welcome to use what you would like from the White House post.

    Will drop you an email to confirm.

  6. Hello Anonymous

    Thank you for letting us know about the owner, they must have been very upset about their house being left to crumble.

    I hope the whoever buys it tries to restore it to it's former glory.

  7. Did this beautiful house sale at auction ?

  8. I have been following, with great interest, the 'story' of this lovely old house. My parents loved Woolacombe and visited every year after my father was stationed there during the war. Having hardly missed a year myself I have spent much time there over the last 55 years and consider it my second home - always having a special fond fascination for the White House. At the moment, I understand the house was supposed to be up for public auction again on February 16th, but has again been withdrawn by the auctioneer's Savills. I am intrigued as to what is going on!

  9. Many thanks to L scrase and Judith Crook for adding new comments and apologies for taking so long to reply.

    I am afraid I don't know what is happening about the sale of the house. The last I knew was that it was up for auction but then the auction house seemed to imply it had been withdrawn but there wasn't any explanation as to why. Have they decided not to sell it or was it sold outside of the auction? Who knows?

    The new comments did start me googling again and more information is now known about the owner.

    If anyone has any Cole's in their family tree I suggest they check out the link.

    You might have to copy and paste to your browser though.

  10. Have been coming to woolacombe for over forty years .would love to win lottery buy the White House and put it back to it original condition it must have been a wonderful home years ago .and could still be if love and money was put into it please who ever buys it make are dream come true please don't pull it down and put up posh flats make good of what's there I know it could make someone a lot of money but money is not every think I don't have a lot but we love woolacombe and would love this house to still be there for many years to come it's a house people always stop and look at because it was so beautiful in the past I know I'm dreaming but would my dream to come true

  11. Hi Wendy

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I think your comment sums up how much this house means to people and how important it is to us that it is preserved.

    Hopefully, people locally can keep an eye on any planning applications so that if the worse happens we can at least try to rally/protest and make our concerns known!

    1. We spotted the White House in January whilst on holiday. The agent informed us the guide price was £750k at auction which was yesterday. It sold one million, two hundred and eighty thousand, let's hope they don't demolish this once stunning property

  12. Wow! Many thanks for stopping by and letting us know. Crossing fingers we get to see it refurbished and put back to it's former glory.

  13. Thanks for the research you have done on this house. We have walked past it so many times and often day-dreamed about how it could be restored. I hope that the new owners return it to its former glory.

  14. Many thanks Leanne for stopping by and commenting.

    Your message made me decide to try and find out about planning applications in Woolacombe.

    I can't get them to sort into date order but there aren't many to look through.

    No sign of any plans for the White House yet so crossing fingers the new owners are planning to do a thoughtful refurb.

    Might have to copy and paste to get the link to work.

  15. like many others I have been visiting Woolacombe for many years & fantasized about buying the White House & restoring to its former glory.
    I'm back again for a weeks break & saw the signs saying it was sold, bit of Googling led me to your blog. Very interesting, shocking to see how much it went for.

  16. Hi Unknown

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, the price it went for is quite shocking and makes me cross my fingers they paid that much because they love the place and not because they are thinking of knocking it down and putting up flats or something crazy. I keep checking the planning permission link in the main post.

  17. Thank you for your insightful blog post about The White House. Like many others, we've been coming here for a few years and always wondered about the house. I did a bit of searching myself and found an old postcard picture taken from barricane beach that looks up to the house, so you can just about see what it looked like back then (I assume 100 years ago or so). It's an eBay link that's not anything to do with me but it's the only picture I could find and may be interesting to others.

  18. Hi Andy

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes I have seen this postcard before and I think it is wonderful because you can see the grounds without all the overgrowth. You can also imagine what it might have been like on a beautiful sunny day having a picnic in the garden overlooking the beach. I did wonder about buying a postcard so I could use the picture on the blog to show the before and after state but I haven't done it yet. I'm afraid the cost tends to put me off. Postcards were only ever 20p but I guess I need to move with the times. We are all crossing fingers the new owners will put the house back to what it was and not attempt to pull it down.

  19. I used to see an old gentleman sitting on the upper front balcony reading and painting for many years. He even ventured into the front garden to tend to his lawn. He was also a regular visitor to the local shops in woolacombe and used to walk there and back with his few groceries and a supply of the latest newspapers. I once gave him a lift in my car to Mullacott. He asked if I would take him as the buses were not running. He was very quiet but polite and I dropped him at the bus stop opposite Cook Island. I have not seen him since last Spring and always wondered what happened to him. I was told by a local that he was an artist. I would be very interested to hear of his life history if anyone local could help.

    1. I remember the old girl she used to go swimming every morning,she used to walk down in her swimming costume about 6.30 am,carring her towel then just dive in the water and swim way beyond the rocks for about half an hour.she would walk out of the water pick up her towel,while walking up the beach she would be drying her long hair as she walked up the slope,this was everyday even in winter.I Always wanted the house it was beautiful when they were younger.Rest in peace.

    2. I remember the old girl she used to go swimming every morning,she used to walk down in her swimming costume about 6.30 am,carring her towel then just dive in the water and swim way beyond the rocks for about half an hour.she would walk out of the water pick up her towel,while walking up the beach she would be drying her long hair as she walked up the slope,this was everyday even in winter.I Always wanted the house it was beautiful when they were younger.Rest in peace.

  20. Wow so great to read the comments as like everyone else myself and family have been looking and wondering what the fate of this beautiful house would be and dreamed of winning the lottery to be able to restore it to the former glory it once was. Hopefully as others have echoed not turned into holiday apartments as although we love to 'holiday' in Woolacombe we appreciate the charm the area has and has had for years. Let's hope the local community keep an eye on the planning application or local council.

  21. Just absolutely wonderful to read your blog and all of the like minded people writing the very things my husband and I have been thinking. I was sad to see the house in a worse state last week. Broken window and broken shutter. I do hope this does not go the wrong way...may be worth asking the national trust to read your blog. They are very good at filling in bits and bobs. Arlington Court I am sure could add to this.
    It might be nice to start an appreciation group!

  22. Hi. I don't know if this is of interest to you but I have a photo of my great grandmother and her son in law sitting on the grass verge with the White House in the background. Am on holiday and looked for the spot the photo had been taken from. The photo in question would date from around 1935. I can't post a picture here but if you're interested to get an idea what it looked like in the 1930s let me know. My gt. Grandmother didn't live in the house - she lived in Barnstaple and must have been on a day out.

  23. I believe the following link should enable you to view the photo of the White House with my Great Grandmother and son-in-law sat in front of it. You will have to copy/paste the link into your browser to see it as I don't think blogspot allows direct links.

    I was in Woolacombe on 16th August, and we looked for the spot where the photo must have been taken. I was unable to find the rock they're sitting on - a new footpath has been cut along the coast that presumably wasn't there in 1935. The other interesting feature is what looks like a tall chimney in the middle, which isn't there in the modern views - maybe the house was altered? Or it is possible that the chimney belongs to a house behind it that has since been demolished.

    We were quite saddened to see the state of dereliction of the house, and so I looked into the name and Google led me to your blog post.

    As I said before, my Gt. Grandmother didn't live there - she was in a cottage in Barnstaple.

    Anyway I hope the picture gives some idea of what it looked like about 80 years ago!

  24. Wow Iain thank you so much! What a beautiful picture! I wonder if the missing chimney is the result of the chimney fire the N.F.S. was called to on the
    24th January 1947? Would it be okay to add the picture to the blog, please? If so can we name the people in the picture? 80 years ago - I wonder then when the house was built. I wonder if anyone has pictures of the inside?

    PS posting as Anonymous as I haven't been able to reply to the last few comments when logged in. Crossing fingers this works.

    1. Hi, - feel free to include the picture in the blog. There is a colour(ised) version here:

      However the original was black and white and it was colourised using Photoshop. Entirely up to you which one you choose.

      The people in the picture are
      Caroline Norman (nee Huxtable) - my great grandmother
      Reg Ridd - her son-in-law, husband of her daughter Winnifred Lilian, who was a younger sister of my grandmother Frances Mabel Norman.

      I'd missed the reference to the chimney fire. What a fascinating history the house must have!

  25. Thanks Iain that's great - I will update the blog. It's also funny that you did a colorised version as that is what I did too.


    Replying as anonymous again as that seems to work first time.

  26. Hi, fascinated by your link to the algorithmia website. Do you work in this area? As it happens I am investigating the use of deep learning techniques in the area I work in (clinical signal processing). I completed a PhD in Machine Learning in 2002.

    The colourised version I sent wasn't actually done by me - I posted it to a Facebook family history group and there's a guy that does it to any photo he fancies. I have, though, done some colourisations myself - it takes a very long time by hand with Photoshop!

    I have recently come across and used a similar cloud-based app "Prisma" which renders your photos in the style of various different works of art.

  27. Hi Iain I got the link to the colorisation from Dick Eastman's online genealogy newsletter -

    Thanks for the Prisma info - downloading it now to give it ago.

  28. The algorithmia link is quite variable. Having assessed Deep Learning techinques (which I think have enormous potential), I believe one of the talks I looked at was from the Algorithmia folks.

    However, I think it is prone to putting red where it doesn't know what else to do. Here's an example:

    There's a big red smear on my grandmother's dress, which is otherwise blue (quite a realistic decision). The baby on her lap is my dad!

    I hope they can develop it further - it's a very important technology which is used by lots of familiar websites (Amazon, Flickr, Facebook, Netflix etc). When I first got into neural networks it was't possible to train easily "deep" neural nets, but since then the technology has changed vastly and algorithms have improved as well.

  29. We visited an explored the house on a recent visit, it's glorious. Really hope it is restored to it's original beauty

  30. Hi Leisa thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

    Having to response as anonymous as I can't get it to post a reply when I am logged in.

    Is there any chance you got pictures of the inside that you could share with us, please? We are all eager to see what the inside looks like :-)

  31. You can ask the land registry for owner details of the address for £20 I think, would hate to see it go to a developer. My wife loved the house whenever we were eating at barricade beach, tragically she died of breast cancer in Dec 2015 so I'd love to see a full restoration of the house as that's what's she would have done if we won the lottery

    1. Hi Ant

      Thank you for stopping by. Sorry for your loss. The house really does touch people's hearts doesn't it. I do hope the house is refurbished and cared for in the way that so many people would want.

      Having seen your next message I was hoping that the person might have brought the house for themselves as with that much money they wouldn't stand to make much knocking the old white house down but now we know it is back on the market it has me worried.

      Having to response as anonymous as I can't get it to post a reply when I am logged in.

  32. Seems to be a very lucky and affluent man and woman from London, director of 11 companies and it says worth 157 million

  33. Omg it's back on the market for 1.6 million !!!!

    1. I'm shocked. It sold for £1.28m in February!!!

      Having to response as anonymous as I can't get it to post a reply when I am logged in.

  34. So it's a property developer then. It's back on the market at £1.6m. but I think that's a ruse so they can say to the council that it's been on the market (for however long)and there is very little interest.
    It would be interesting if somebody local tried to view it and get some internal photos, but I think there would be obstacles and awkwardness that would hinder. I don't think they want to sell it or refurbish it, they want the land.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and providing a link to right move. I hate to say it, as I was hoping and hoping someone good would buy it, but I think you are right - it has to be a property developer as the photos in the link you provided are all about the view rather than the house. :-(

      Having to response as anonymous as I can't get it to post a reply when I am logged in.

  35. Wow! Internal photos have now been added by Right Move and we finally get to see the inside of this stunning property. As all of the others who have found your brilliant blog page, we fell in love with this house whilst holidaying in Woolacombe and just searched out of interest. Thank you for bringing this together, it's been amazing to follow. We all hope someone saves this beautiful house, it seems to mean so much to so many.

  36. Wow Pat thank you so much for stopping by and letting us know. Finally we get to see inside!!!!

    (still having to post as Anonymous)

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. According to the man in the Mortehoe museum, the owner left it to National Trust and RSPB who then sold it at the first auction (assume that's the Feb 16th one). Apparently the purchaser made a lot of noise about wanting to turn it into a family home again but now as we know it's back on the market again. I'm guessing it's got a lot of restrictions including listed bits and would be a HUGE money pit - albeit a glorious and fantastic one at the end of it!

  39. Hi Mads

    So sorry for not paying attention to the blog and responding to your message. I am hoping to do much better next year.

    Thanks for the update. Does seem strange if they wanted to make a family home of it but like you said there could be plenty of restrictions. The front wall, for example, I think is protected.

    (still having to post as Anonymous)
    Happy Christmas and New Year everyone

  40. Predictably the house seems to have mysteriously caught fire in two places on New Year's Day. Guess the next claim will be its unrepairable and watch out for its demolition, how very sad.

  41. Apparently the fire was extinguished safely but police have warned about bacterial infection (Leptospirosis) found - carried in rat urine. This looks a bit grim.

  42. Thank you Lisa and Iain for the update. Very worrying. Keeping my fingers crossed it's just a coincidence and nothing sinister.

    Posting as anonymous - one day I will work out what I am doing wrong!


    PS I'll update the blog with newspaper and ITV links.

  43. It appears the white house is under offer again. Does anyone have any details? Dare we still hope it won't be a developer.

  44. Hi Pat

    So sorry I missed your message. Will update the post now.

    Joynealogy (still posting as anonymous)

  45. Does anyone know if it has sold again?

  46. The other day Right Move stated 'sold subject to contract'. Now it says ' no longer available ' ?
    So is that a sale or a withdrawal of sale?
    I will be winning the lottery this evening, so can swoop in with my 2 million offer for this place. You are all welcome to stay anytime when I have restored it to its former glory xxx

  47. Like many of you, I've been watching The White House crumble over the years whilst crossing my fingers during the weekly lottery draw, to no avail!
    The lucky new owners have put in for planning permission. It sounds, reassuringly, like the they are sensitive to the integrity of the building and have proposed a sympathetic restoration, plus extension. Plans can be found on the North Devon planning website;

  48. Wow - thank you so much for sharing. The plans look good - I don't think there is anything to be concerned about. It will bring the house back to life and enhance it. Such a relief.

    Kind regards
    Joynealogy - posting as Anonymous and via a different browser so I hope this works this time!

  49. Permission Granted for refurbishment and redevelopment.

  50. It would be lovely to see the white house back to the beautiful building it once was.
    I had been in the building before it was sold.
    It hadn't been looked after for many years by Mr Cole or his mother would lived there together before her death.They were both hoarders. Mrs cole's bedroom hadn't been touched and contained all her possessions and clothes still even though she passed away many years ago.The house was full to the brim with books, newspaper,s, rubbish and many other objects like 1950's hovvers,cooker ect, It was like going back in time, Mr Cole had spent almost 2 years in a care home with Dementia before he passed and hadn't been looking after himself or the house which had holes in the roof above his bedroom and full of rats including his mattress which he slept on. Such a shame as he was a lovely man.

    1. What a fascinating picture. Thanks for posting. I recently had to turn out my mother's house for sale after we sadly had to move her to a care home (Dementia as well). We found items from the 1950's that I remember from childhood. But fortunately no rats in the mattress!

      My interest in the White House stems from a family photo from 1935 of my great grandmother sitting on the grass verges in front of it. (See above).

  51. Wonderful to see the White House coming back to life I want to say a big thank you to who is making this lovely house back in to a home xx