Jennings of Hereford - Memorial List

What is it? Possible year Where is it? Who By Details
Tablet 1810 St Mary – Linton by Ross Jennings of Hereford Two nice local tablets by Vick of Hereford (1799) and by Jennings of Hereford (1810)
Memorial 1812 Church of St Cynllo, Nantmel Jennings of Hereford A memorial to John Davies (d 1812) and family, by Jennings of Hereford, comprises an inscription panel with foliage apron, and entablature surmounted by an urn.
Memorial Tablet 1827 Church of St Cynllo, Nantmel Jennings of Hereford In the nave S wall, a memorial tablet to Elizabeth Davies (d 1827) by B. Jennings, is flanked by consoles and surmounted by a sarcophagus.
Bedstead 1832 Goodrich Court, Sculpted by B Jennings Black and white photograph showing the drawing/plan of a bedstead of time of Charles I at Goodrich Court. Text describes life of Rev Hentry Gipps. Sculpted by B Jennings
Memorial 1832 Herefordshire, Kington B Jennings, Hereford Herefordshire, Kington - a noble donation
John Morris who by his will bequeathed the noble donation of Ten Thousand Pounds to the Hereford Infirmary 1832 and wife Martha 1831
Memorial by B Jennings, Hereford
Marble memorial 1836 CHURCH OF ST ANDREW
District: County of Herefordshire
Parish: Allensmore
Jennings, Hereford Opposite south door a marble memorial for Sarah Jennings, died 1836, by Jennings, Hereford with bas-relief of dove, harp and tree inscribed:

Cold is the hand that touch'd those hallowed strings Hush'd the sweet voice that sang Redeeming Love To harps of gold she now entraptur'd sings The Lamb's New Song with Choirs of Saints above Rev, XIV, 2
Memorial 1841 Church of St Bilo, Felin-Fach Jennings of Hereford W. Gwynne Vaughan of Penymaes died 1841, marble with mourning female and plant-draped sarcophagus, by Jennings of Hereford
Tomb – repairs 1845 St. Mary the Virgin Church – Kington Mr. B. Jennings, a sculptor of Hereford, Thomas Vaughan
An extravagant alabaster tomb for Thomas Vaughan of Hergest Court, who was killed at the battle of Banbury in 1469. His body was returned to Kington, and he now lies with his wife Ellen Gethin, or Ellen the Terrible!!

In 1845 the Hon. Miss Harley directed Mr. B. Jennings, a sculptor of Hereford, to restore the tomb which had fallen into disrepair, and also to erect strong iron railings around the tomb.
Chest Tomb 1847 Church of St Cuthbert, Holme Lacy Jennings of Hereford Pair of chest tombs. Dated 1790 and 1847, the latter by Jennings of Hereford
Memorial 1852 Church of Saint Cynog, Maescar Jennings of Hereford Neo-Grec memorial to Rev. D. Reynell died 1852 by Jennings of Hereford.
Heavy Grecian memorial 1853 Arlingham Jennings of Hereford Mary Thomas 1853 by Jennings of Hereford
Memorial 1858 Lyonshall church from the chisel of Mr Jennings of Hereford In 1858 a memorial was erected inside Lyonshall church in the form
of a marble monument 'from the chisel of Mr Jennings of Hereford'. The
inscription is quoted here is full not only because it epitomises the life,
character and achievements of the Squire of Moorcourt but also because
it is couched in polished English, rarely used today.
"Sacred to the memory of James Davies, Esq., of Moorcourt in the
county of Hereford, second son of William Davies late of Bronllys
Castle in the county of Brecon, Esq., who was born on the 3rd of
August 1777, and married in 1804 Marianne, youngest daughter of
John Lewis, Esq., of Harpton Court, Radnorshire. He was the
senior partner of the Kington and Radnorshire Bank which he
established in 1808, and for many years an active Magistrate for the
Memorial plaque
King's Pyon: St Mary the Virgin, King's Pyon by B Jennings The Carpenter family of Hidefield (now known as Hyde Farm), north of the Church also contributed greatly to the life of the Church during the 18th and 19th centuries, a prominent member being John Carpenter who was High Sheriff of the county in 1711 and Justice of the Peace, as is evidenced on his ornate memorial plaque (by B. Jennings) on the west wall of the South Transept.

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