Sunday, 4 July 2010

Disorganised Journey

I have always loved research. Loved chasing after ancestors and tracking them down. What I never managed to crack was writing down what I had discovered, documenting it so that it made sense to other people. Twenty-five years have now past by and there is a LOT to do.

Genealogy is a faithful hobby which you can pick up and put down (for years even) and it is still there and enjoyable when you come back to it. Over those past 25 years, some years were very intense where I worked almost full time on family history research. I attended a college which just happened to be almost next door to the library so like a good student I spent every second I could there, (on the 6th floor in the genealogy section). Then for a few too many years, when I first had my children, family history research was firmly put on the back burner with only rare snatches of research achieved.

By then the internet had really come on with primary documents being available online instead of just the transcripts and one is able to dip very easily into research with a spare half hour here and there. As result, it is fairly easy to build up lots and lots data in a fairly short amount of time but I still fail to document it so that it is useful to others.

I have always felt that I should have kept a diary of my research so that I could remember what I have looked at and what my conclusions/evidence was but I was never disciplined enough. I am hoping that by having blog I will make the effort to keep a diary of my genealogical journey. Now I just need to make some time for some new research (or perhaps I need to start wadding through the mountains of scribbled notes and hastily drawn family trees...)

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