Thursday, 12 January 2012

West Yorkshire Regiment

A while ago, most likely a fairly long while ago, I purchased a postcard which I had hoped one day to research. Well, as often happens, day to day life got in the way after a first initial attempt. I have just rediscovered the postcard tonight and thought I would make a point of posting it right now. It has remained hidden long enough and there may be someone out there looking for the people in it. Hopefully, in time I will get some opportunity to research it.

The back of the photograph states:

14 S Batt. West York Regiment

1/ Sgt Sullivan D Coy?
2/ L. Cpl Quinn
3/ Sgt Parker
4/ Cpl Emmott D.Coy?
5/ L. Cpl Parker
6/ L. Cpl Scholey
7/ Cpl Walker
9/ Sgt Roberts

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