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52 Ancestors: Week 5: Sarah Banks, b.1855 in Limerick, Ireland (updated again)

Sarah Banks, daughter of Marcus Banks, married Thomas Morrissey / Morrissy at St Michael's, Limerick, Ireland in 1876. They went on to have the following children:

Mary Anne b.1877
Margaret b. 1879
John b. 1882
Esther Christina b. 1887
Patrick Joseph b. 1890
Thomas b. 1896
William b. 1898

See 1901 census here showing all the family exept Mary Ann.  Thomas and John are shown as having the occupation jarvey (?).  The family are shown at house 27 in Vizes Fields (Dock Limerick Urban No. 4, Limerick)

See 1911 census here showing Sarah, Thomas (a car driver) and William (scholar) at house 28 Vizes Fields (Limerick No. 4 Urban, Limerick).

According to LimerickLad on Rootschat Vizes Fields was named after the gentleman that owned the land between St Joseph Street and Bowman Street (where I believe Patrick Joseph Morrissey was born) on which a housing scheme of cottages was built.

Patrick joined the army and moved to India. Talking of India, the British Library have joined with Find My Past and now 2.5 million India Office Records have been published on line.  See the list here.

Update (5th February 2014)

When I was googling Vizes Field, Limerick I came across a YouTube video - Save Vizes Field. You can see the little cottages in the back ground.  It's shocking that they want to build a horrible block of flats (that do not appear to be fit for purpose anyway) on a little bit of green land.  It will ruin it :-(  

There is also a reference to Vizes Fields (see chapter 5) in Mickey Slabdabber, a Limerick Odyssey By Michael Quinlan

Update (19th February 2014)  Another good lead from my new Find My Past month subscription.  A reference to a Marcus Banks in the Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers 1828 - 1912.

Any help on reading the occupation would be gratefully received. 

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