Saturday, 11 January 2014

Inspired: 52 ancestors in 52 weeks

As you will see from my blog I have found it difficult to

a) find something to blog about, and 
b) make the effort/find the time to blog regularly (or even intermittently).

I am hoping all that will change after having noticed a tweet about Amy Johnson Crow's challenge 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks. For the first time in forever I actually feel inspired. 

So I would like to join the challenge but I want to do it in a realistic way so I am going to amend the challenge slightly (as Amy suggests in her blog) and attempt to do 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks in 52 words (or thereabouts). I am thinking that sticking to small posts will enable me to post something each week and will help me learn to write concisely (as you can see I tend to use a lot of words to say very little). Not sure how successful I will be but I need to start somewhere and like Amy said will 'hopefully develop a regular writing habit in the process'. 

Now my only problem is to decide who to start with...

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