Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Family Silver...

I am finally making time to do a blog post that I have been wanting to do since June 2013!

I am lucky it only took me seven months to do the blog post since the item I am blogging about took years and years in the making.  About eight, nine or ten years ago I went to a family history fair at Worcester Racecourse. There I met a lady selling 'family silver'; silver that could be engraved with your family names.  To me it was the most perfect way to display my family history.  And in a way that meant so much to me since my ancestors were silversmiths.  

I knew I wanted a silver bracelet and I knew which shape tags I wanted and the type of clasp. Back at home I tried to work out which names should appear (I have so many) and where but I couldn't figure it out. Time passed and I would come across the paperwork over the years and try again to work out how I wanted the names to appear.  

Then in 2013 I was very lucky to win online courses in genealogy and family history with Pharos Tutors through a Who Do You Think You Are? live competition in association with the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS).  The FFHS asked if I was attending the WDYTYAL show so that I could accept the prize in person.  This, I thought, was my opportunity to finally get the bracelet I had always craved.  I contacted Esme at Family Silver to see if she was going to be at the show.  She was!  And the rest as they say is history.  Here is my beautiful family silver treasure.  I love it.

And my choice of names... Well, I was still deciding that on the coach down to London so I was cutting it very, very fine even after all those years of thinking about it.

PS I love the fact that Esme found out her ancestors were also silversmiths when she researched her family. It's all in the genes.

edit - PPS - just realised that the competition link I provided earlier has a competition to win a family silver bracelet - see here 

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